I Don’t Care About Your Opinion

I don’t place any value on opinions, including mine, because they have no merit. I refuse to be engulfed by the uneducated to prove a futile point, what are we arguing about? Difference of opinion? That’s a waste of my fucking time. Honestly, if you can’t think critically I don’t care about anything you have to say, I will not debate with you, and I will not concede by agreeing to disagree. Your opinion is your own and mine is mine, but at the end of the day they mean nothing.

There is no room for an opinionated discussion about facts. Your opinion can be shaped by presented facts, but that doesn’t change the information.



We have to stop pretending that our opinions could ever hold the same value as facts. Promoting opinionated views as factual evidence perpetuates ignorance. Why would anyone care to examine facts if they think their opinion is worth the same value? They wouldn’t. Being afraid of facts fuels the willfully ignorant. Facts are information, nothing more, nothing less, there’s nothing to fear when it comes to undisputed information. The fear rests in the idea that the proposed facts contradict or challenge your individual opinion. That makes it easier to regard an opinion as a fact, to shield you, but it does more harm than good.

Ignoring facts or pretending that an opinion could ever outweigh a fact essentially stunts your intellect and ultimately reinforces the idea that an opinion –solely because you are entitled to it—is somehow equally if not more important than a fact. It is not. Stunted intellect and opinions presented as facts result in weaponized ignorance, and that is dangerous. In today’s political climate we don’t have the fucking luxury of being so obtuse when it comes to misinformation. Almost everyday we see the President of the United States deem the news as “fake news” to try and tarnish their credibility. This is solely based on his fucking opinion, perspective, and belief, all of which do not and will not ever trump the facts (no pun intended).


It only takes one prominent figure, (e.g. the President of the United States) to consistently spew opinionated bullshit under the guise of facts before it encourages toxic groupthink (his supporters), and then here we are, yet again, fighting for facts to be regarded…as facts. Too often people uncritically claim to be intellectually superior simply because there are a lot of people who think like they do, even though all of their asses are objectively wrong. That’s bullshit. We have to stop giving them equal footing just because there are a lot of them. Even the smartest people have had their opinions challenged, it is the root of the challenge that keeps us critical and progressive, it forces us to understand facts as information, and opinions as nothing more than an individual viewpoint.

Whenever someone’s opinion is challenged with a concrete fact, you can almost always gauge the range of their intellect based on their response.

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You can have all the opinions you want about how onions taste. I don’t give a fuck, but it doesn’t negate the FACT that onions are edible. Arguing that fact simply because you think onions are disgusting shows your lack of intellect and thus makes any subsequent argument or debate unproductive. However, acknowledging that your opinion is specific to only you and in no way invalidates an indisputable fact is ideal. That proves that if nothing else, you understand that a fact cannot be denied, simply because you have an opinion about it. It also leaves potential for growth, depending on how I cook the onions and present them to you, you may change your opinion, either way, the onion is still fucking edible. Fact ≠ Opinion.

I am also aware that a fact is of no value without sufficient context, if we can’t draw a conclusion from said fact it is utterly useless. So yes, that onion is edible, but not if it’s spoiled or if it’s been tainted by an external source, within that context, we can conclude that an onion is edible under the right circumstances, <– defining the fact. Regardless, your opinion on it being nasty or delicious doesn’t refute shit.

Your opinion has no value, it ain’t worth shit.


With that being said, under no circumstance can a policy, an institution, or the like ever be based on an opinion, it is either factual or it is irrelevant, again, because it has no merit. You are entitled to your opinion, it is yours to have, but understand that it is worthless in any critical analysis. Don’t place a false value on your opinion and then get mad when other people assume that it is indicative of your intellect and ability to think critically. Because that’s exactly what the fuck I do, and I don’t apologize for it, because under no circumstance will there ever be room for an opinion vs. fact debate.  I’m not arguing a viewpoint with a viewpoint, that would be an insult to my intelligence, and a waste of my time.

Opinion is really the lowest form of human knowledge. It requires no accountability, no understanding. – Bill Bullard