2017, Boy Bye!

It’s almost 2018, and it’s time for everybody to make some new goals and plan for the upcoming year. As much as I enjoy some good goal setting, I usually make my goals around my birthday, but the optimism of the new year has rubbed off on me so I’m gonna play along!

Being present


I have a habit of either romanticizing the past or anticipating the future, and I do it so much that I can never be fully present in what’s presently happening. I know this is something that everybody does every now and then, but I have a habit of doing it on a regular basis. I’ve been working on this, but I’m closer to 30 than 18 and it’s time for me to hold myself accountable. When I romanticize the past I never appreciate the present. how could I? It’s as if what’s already happened –no matter how bad it was– is better than what is happening right now, before I know it I’m making comparisons based on things that didn’t even exist. Anticipating the future is a little different. Setting goals for my future is important to me, but if I spend too much time anticipating the future, I can’t consciously work on completing my goals. It has been my experience that when I am not present in the right now, I show a lack of gratitude, if I can’t be grateful for what I have, I’ll never appreciate what I get in the future. I can’t progress like that. Being present is crucial.

Learn more


I love to read. At 26 years old, I’m not really learning anything new outside of the books I read. I always tell people for everything that I do know, there’s 1,000 other things I don’t know, and for me that is EVERYTHING. I relish in the fact that there is always something for me to learn. I learned a lot in 2017 and I plan on learning even more in 2018. I never want to get to a point where I feel like I know everything (I know I never will) because then my intellect will be stagnant, that’s a no for me. I also want to have more authentic interactions with like-minded individuals. Under no circumstance do I feel like I’m the smartest person out of all of my friends, but when I have to constantly explain or define things to people, I feel like the conversations are one-sided. I want to learn from people too, I shouldn’t have to always do the teaching. For me, learning means a lot of different things, not just reading, not just teaching, but observing, listening, experiencing, all things that I want to expand in this upcoming year.

Career ambitions


I have been struggling with what I want to do with my career. This has been hard for me because I don’t want to change my lifestyle, but I also don’t want to feel unfulfilled. In an ideal world I could make a living doing what I love, but let’s be honest, money is everything. I’ve recently been struggling with the idea of being in my late 40s or early 50s and regretting that I never did what I wanted to do. I don’t want to regret not going after something that I care so passionately about. I would love to switch to a career in education where I can teach on a collegiate level about women rights and social justice. I am not discounting this as an option for me, but I don’t want to put all of my eggs in one basket either, so I’m also tackling with the idea of working in the criminal justice field and teaching on a collegiate level at the same time. In any event, I know if nothing else, I can reach people through this beautiful blog of mine, which has quickly become the most important and beautiful thing in my life.

These are just a few of the goals I have for the upcoming year. As these goals change or come to fruition, I’ll be sure to update with a new blog post. I’ll probably have a new post about my concrete goals around my birthday, so follow my blog so you can stay up to date.

My new years wish for all of you is to accomplish all of your goals and have a healthy and prosperous new year, because YOU DESERVE! ❤