Jada Pinket Smith on Self Pleasuring

Jada Pinkett’s new show, Red Table Talk has been gaining popularity. Jada, her mother Adrienne, and her daughter, Willow tackle subjects that most people shy away from with decorum, honesty, and authenticity that is often lacking from most conversations. RTT_Credit_Stan-Evans-1080x675.jpgHowever, this conversation stood out to me, mainly because of the responses that I read. Most people were against the idea of a 9 year old girl discovering herself while others were supportive, but only because they agreed with the idea of pleasing yourself before a man does. I find that interesting, because personally, I agree with the practice but not the idea behind it. I think the real question is:

Why are we so threatened by young girls exploring their bodies?


Is it because we are conditioned to believe that girls bodies ultimately do not belong to them, but to their future husbands?

Is it because we are so afraid how our young girls will be perceived in society?

Maybe it’s because we don’t understand the manifestation of autonomy in young girls…

Either way, this is definitely a gendered issue, because we all but expect young boys to explore themselves and chastise girls for the same. Instead of asking why, we pretend that there is an inherent difference between the sexuality of boys and girls even though there isn’t.

The only difference is the way boys and girls are socialized.

Socialization affects the way children grow to be adults, which is why it is hard for adults to unlearn their socialization, but it is not impossible.

Watch the video below to see how Jada and her mother explain the different approach her grandmother had with Jada vs. her mother.


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