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If you have ever spoken with a cosmetologist regarding the process of shampooing (washing) your hair, they have probably told you something like this: You should always use clarifying shampoo first, follow that up with a moisturizing shampoo, and then use your moisturizing conditioner… and boom you have squeaky clean hair 

*Stares Blankly*


Soooo, before I go all in on why 4c Naturals should NOT be adopting this belief pattern wholeheartedly, I need you guys to understand that I am so NOT a go with the flow type of stylist. I do research, I test out theories, I analyze, I evaluate, and THEN I reach the BEST possible conclusion based on your specific hair care needs. In this case, we are talking about 4c (normally dry) Hair.




What exactly is a “Clarifying Shampoo”?

These are shampoos that are high-foaming and produce lots of suds. They have very strong cleansing agents, such as sulfates, that typically strip your hair of its natural oils.

Clarifying Shampoos vs. Natural Hair

Black, natural hair (4c in this case) should never be treated like or considered in the same ways that you would any other hair type. Contrary to popular belief, hair is not JUST hair. And as we now know black, natural hair is really and truly like none other! Right? So yes, “other” hair types can follow the regimen above and get healthy results. “Other” hair types typically produce more natural oils than black, natural hair and “other” hair types also distribute the oils more evenly throughout their hair strands.. “Other” hair types can also strip away their moisture with one shampoo and bounce back with that good ol moisture follow-up.

But ummm.. your black, natural 4c hair is already dry enough sis/bro! Can you REALLY afford to strip away that little bit of moisture that you have left by using a clarifying shampoo? Sure, you can definitely replenish and restore your moisture but what good does that actually do when you are consistently stripping it all away again each wash day?

So Teri, are you saying that I should NEVER clarify my hair?

Clarifying shampoos should definitely be limited to at least once per month. Unless your hair is extremely dirty or possess extreme build-up you (or your stylist) should NOT be clarifying your natural hair on a regular basis. In my opinion, the only time you should really be clarifying your hair is after a protective hairstyle or if you’re just the type who is drowning your hair in heavy products consistently… side-eye…

So what SHOULD I be doing to my hair then, Teri?

I highly suggest using a mild cleansing agent that is free of sulfates to prevent any additional (and unnecessary) stripping of moisture. Moisturizing shampoos will honestly clean your hair just fine. If you have some mild build-up you should consider investing in a shampoo scrub brush to help you lift and remove the dirt from your scalp. Unfortunately, I won’t be recommending a specific brand of shampoo today however, if you suffer from dry, brittle, or damaged hair I would highly suggest that you research some low pH, herbal, or organic shampoos . In addition to this, consider co-washing or deep conditioning your hair as often as possible to keep your hair at its softest, healthiest potential.

Remember, when your hair becomes dry or brittle it also becomes prone to breakage and damage which is never good. So knowing what shampoo’s you should opt for and why is imperative for your hair health and ultimate hair growth.


Leave me a comment below and tell me about your shampoo or wash day regimen. What type of shampoo’s do you find helpful for your hair type?



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